Patrick Karkkolainen Wedding Photographer & Adventurer | Helsinki, Finland
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About the photographer


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Hey there!

My name is Patrick. I'm a wedding photographer & adventurer. 

Helsinki is my home, but half of my heart belongs to Switzerland where my family history is rooted. The travel between these places never ceases to inspire my work as photography is my favorite way of staying vulnerable and discovering new things along the way. It’s both a perspective and a way of life.

My work is an extension of who I am and how I interpret what’s happening around me. Shooting on several different formats, I particularly love the timeless feeling and cinematic texture of shooting on film.

As a professional photographer I find my inspiration exploring epic landscapes, natural light and being around the special energy of couples on their wedding day. Your wedding is one of the most important and beautiful days in your life and I want to capture it for you to keep forever. I am even guilty of getting swept up in the emotion myself because I love being a part of that adventure.

One of my dream’s is to someday shoot a couple somewhere as a deer walks through the background in the distance. So if you’re brave enough for the adventure, my camera bag is packed and I’m ready to go!